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Brandi Pratt
May 19, 2020 | Brandi Pratt

Hidden Wine Gems

Here at Kuhlman we love being able to feature wines with fun pairings. While we all know and love Alluve, Barranca and Kankar; let's take a minute to talk about wines we consider “hidden gems” for our favorite Texas foods. Our cultural history is written in food & wine and Texas is no exception with its melting pot of flavors. 

2017 Marl: This blend of Merlot and Petite Sirah has been winning hearts at the winery. Its velvety tannins and blackberry notes seem to surprise people who don’t care for merlot. The Petite Sirah adds a peppery note making this a great match for burgers on the grill or picnics with Roast beef or even Ruben sandwiches. We particularly love this with something that has red peppers in it like romesco sauce over potatoes. Try it with Texas style queso and tortilla chips.  A red wine with chips and queso?! Yes!

2016 Gypsum: Gypsum is our hidden summer favorite. Lighter than Alluvé, this wine can be enjoyed chilled. (shhh, try it in sangria!) Gypsum’s light and cheerful nature makes it a wonderful surprise pairing for seafood and spicy Mexican, Tapas and Spanish foods. Try it with spicy Barbecue, beans, and potato salad on a hot summer night. This wine is the perfect way to introduce dry reds to people just beginning their wine journey, but it also has a complexity that lets those “experienced” wine drinkers enjoy as well. 

2017 Zinfandel:  There is a reason we put Texas on the label. This isn’t California Zin. This Zinfandel is light, fresh and peppery with hints of strawberry. Because this Zin is a lighter style, it is surprisingly versatile and loves big flavors in food. Try it with Lamb meatballs or Pulled pork with Barbecue sauce. We often pair this Zinfandel with game meats to complement their earthy nature. Try smoked duck breast for an extra treat. Zinfandel tends to be high in alcohol which can make spicy food seem spicier so be cautious with the hot peppers. But Indian flavors and Zinfandel are a perfect match, I also love it with chicken fried steak or Jaeger schnitzel. But the best… try it with barbecue potato chips. 


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Brandi Pratt
April 6, 2020 | Brandi Pratt

Spring 2020 Release: Estate Wines and Hensell Rosé

As we, at Kuhlman Cellars, look out of our empty tasting room windows over a vibrant green vineyard and beautiful flowering grounds, 

we are struck by how different the natural world is from our current world events. Things are quiet and we sit on opposite ends of the tasting room at our makeshift desks and dream of ideas to connect with you, our customers and community. Work still continues and the vines need tending. The beauty before us in our vines and flowers is a cycle that is never ending and always changing. The vines grow inches every day at a startling rate and the rain brings more lush green to our world view.

This time of challenge is a perfect opportunity to stop and view the world around us as an example of what is to come. Flowers will still bloom and grapes will still ripen. We will take time in anticipation of harvest and celebrate each other in a way that connects us to the world. Times are hard. We worry for your safety and health and look with hope to a time in the future when we can sit with you at our tables and enjoy the bounty that the vineyard cycle brings forth.

Now, in the midst of uncertainty, we cherish even more the opportunity to connect with you, our extended family. We developed virtual tastings, podcasts and Facebook Wine Time as a way to reassure all of us the harvest still comes and brighter days lie ahead. Life will follow nature if we let it and the cycle will continue.

Spring is a time to celebrate renewal and fresh beauty. It is a time to celebrate our Estate Vineyard with our spring club release, even though we can’t have an in-person pick up party. Take time to join us virtually and connect - we miss you!  Two estate wines will be coming to you in this club shipment (unless you decide to customize.) These represent the heart of Kuhlman Cellars.


2019 Estate Roussanne

The third harvest of our Estate Roussanne gave us a wine attracting you with an “Or Blanc” (white gold) color and shows an intense nose of jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom, pear and lemon zest. You will not be disappointed as you sip this wine because it bursts with flavors of peaches and lychee with a touch of green mango. The well balanced and lingering acidity will make this wine a perfect accompaniment to ceviche, tapenade and tapas.

Roussanne can be challenging in the vineyard. We call it our “princess” and baby it to get the best, most flavorful Roussanne possible. Harvest comes when not just the sugar and acid are correct but the grapes pop with lemon curd flavor on the tongue. This always happens in the heat of the summer!


2019 Estate Rose

This delicate Rosé made from our Estate Carignan and Mourvédre will seduce you with a soft strawberry color and smooth wild violet with crushed strawberry aroma. This light and refreshing wine has a subtle acidity that will best be enjoyed on a hot Texas summer evening with tabbouleh or any picnic food - hopefully at one of our picnic tables at the Estate! 


2019 Hensell

Fans of the 2017 Hensell will be ecstatic! This release of Hensell is lighter in color and true to classic Provence-style Rosé. Delicate in the nose with hibiscus, pink apple and lavender aromas but powerful on the palate with a perfectly balanced acidity. Flavors of ruby red grapefruit will pair magically with spicy Thai or Mediterranean style food.


Celebrating spring in your home with your community, even if only virtually, is important for all of us in times like these. This is a beautiful time to strengthen our relationships and deepen friendships, being grateful for the gifts we have. Enjoy time with your community to cook, garden and be out in nature. Celebrate this spring as a time to renew our bonds and appreciate the joy that is Food, Family and Friends.

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