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The Estate Vineyard

Kuhlman's Estate soil is primarily a clay over limestone structure, though as you progress west to east, increasing amounts of caliche are found.  The terrain slops down from a high point on the southwest corner to a low point on the northeast.  As you follow the slope, increasing clay depth becomes the dominant factor influencing the terroir.  

Clay is a dense soil type with high moisture holding capabilities with lower moisture flow movements.  This provides good water for vines during drier periods, but proves challenging under regular precipitation conditions due to the challenge of mud in the vineyard as well as potential "too much" water for the vines. 


All vines are planted on 1103P rootstock, which is adapted to the Texas climate (drought tolerance) as well as soil (high calcium). Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) is the canopy and trellis structure used.  This is a traditional vineyard arrangement with the rows oriented roughly north and south providing good east and west sun exposure to maximize the leaf photosynthesis of each grapevine shoot.


The vineyard has five different blocks:

Block 1:  Mourvedre  1.4 acre
Block 2:  Marsanne  1 acre
Block 3:  Aglianico 1.2 acre
Block 4:  Roussanne 1 acre
Block 5:  Carignan 2.3 acres




The Estate Wines

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100% Roussanne, Estate Grown

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