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Kuhlman Cellars

Christopher Cobb
October 11, 2021 | Christopher Cobb

7 Years!


It’s hard to believe it has been  seven years since we first opened our doors to welcome guests to the Estate.  What a journey!

Some of you may recall the early days - back when the vineyards were not yet planted, or when the Barrel room was the only structure on the property.  How we started out with an ideal of building the best boutique winery in the Hill Country through exceptional fine wine coupled with exquisite hospitality.  Today, Kuhlman Cellars is a welcoming place to slow down and savor an afternoon away.

We acquired the Estate property in 2013 when it was just a coastal grass field.  And we got to work.  Drilling a well, installing a fence, getting electricity as well as an entrance from the highway.  Vineyards were put in with both irrigation as well as the physical trellising, followed by planting vines in 2015, 2016 and 2018.  White.  Rosé. Red.  We are wine-growers.   Tending the land in addition to growing the best boutique winery in the Texas Hill Country

Fine wine takes time.  Building an Estate community does as well!  Things evolve when raising a community.  We’ve had guests spend their first date at the Estate to be followed by engagements and then visits after their wedding.  We’ve celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, welcomed new babies to the family.  And we’ve also mourned the loss of loved ones.

Reflecting on things, one of the most remarkable parts of creating our Kuhlman community is the friendships and memories.  The FEB2021 ice storm comes to mind, but also getting notification of our Estate White winning medallions in the Concours d Lyon International Wine Competition. Our little patch of heaven, along with our team, grow wonderfully beautiful fruit which is transformed into exceptional wine.

We appreciate all who have joined our journey and look forward to welcoming new smiling faces as we go into the future!

As of October 2021, seven years into being open, we have not yet released an Estate Red wine.  We have the 2019 vintage Estate Red in the bottle and can’t wait to share it, but it is not yet ready.  As with many things in the wine business - it takes time.  Patience.

Thank you for growing with us.  Thank you for celebrating - the big and small - with us.  We wouldn’t be here without our amazing team - and that includes our guests, our friends, our community.  Vina Vita!



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