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Kuhlman Cellars' Herbed Almonds

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Almond Spoon


Our famous Marcona Almond story begins with a trip Chris and Jennifer made to Aix en Provence to see Bénédicte’s home town.  During their journey, they spent each morning at a nearby market where they bought food for the day and relaxed with their morning coffee.  Among other things, they spent time with Bénédicte’s family and enjoyed the hospitality of Bene’s mom.

Before heading home, they made one final stop at the market and bought some Herbs de'Provence from the spice merchant.  The beautiful aromatics, flavors and seasonings were nearly intoxicating, but the Herbs de'Provence were particularly appealing since they are local to Aix en Provence!  What else do you do, other than buy Herbs de'Provence when in Provence?!

From there, after a few different trials, the Herbed Almonds were born.  

Spice Merchant

These almonds are awesome alone or paired with a nice acidic dry white or similar rose wine.  They go equally well with a soft, lower tannin red wine, such as our Gypsum or Alluve.  Enjoy!



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Three XL bags of Kuhlman Cellars' famous Herbed Almonds, shipping included!

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Stock up now!  Get three tall jars of Kuhlman Herbed Almonds, shipping included!

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Enjoy 12oz of our famed Herbed Almonds!

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Dark Chocolate Bark with Kuhlman Herbed Almonds! Divine!

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