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Kuhlman Cellars

Sense of Taste 2020
Live, Interactive Webinar Included!

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SKU: Sense of Taste 2020

Join us for a glass in this unique, exclusive tasting opportunity of 4 wines!

*** Please note this bundle previously included our 2018 Viognier which is now SOLD OUT.  It has been replaced with the equally delicious, and also very limited, 2019 Roussanne.  ***


We explore your individual sense of taste and determine what flavors work with your favorite Kuhlman wines using common household food (available even in quarantine). We will  design a map of your favorite food and wine pairings giving you the power to go out and try new combinations with confidence.  


Discover your own personal biology: how you experience flavor and how it translates to wines you love. Using a spectrum of light to heavy wines, we discover how different styles and elements of wine interact with the foods we enjoy every day. Open up to the creativity this method enables. 


Hint: this will make you a better chef too!


This bundle includes: 

2018 Calcaria

2019 Estate Roussanne

2017 Marl

2016 KanKar

When you purchase this great bundle, you receive an invite to a live, interactive tasting webinar where we will lead the Sense of Taste "class".  Each class will last about an hour and includes interactive excercises you do in the comfort of your own home!




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