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Kuhlman Cellars

Welcome to Vina Vita University. At Kuhlman Cellars we believe wine is a product born of passion and should be enjoyed with the same celebratory vigor. Wine should enrich our lives and should be shared with friends, family, fellowship and most importantly...Food. We call this enrichment Vina Vita, or the 'wine life'. 


Vina Vita University strives to help our club members and friends of Kuhlman Cellars gain an understanding of the rich and complex topic that is wine and winemaking, so that we may enrich, demystify, and better enjoy wine in our daily lives. Vina Vita University hosts regular classes on wine topics. These classes are hands on, approachable, and tons of fun.


Upcoming VVU Classes:


Previous VVU Classes:

Palate Mapping, understanding science and sensation of taste

Grape Expectations, knowing your harvest

Roussanne Retrospective, exploring wine verticals