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Kuhlman Cellars

Vina Vita!

The Wine Life

At Kuhlman Cellars we believe wine enriches life's experiences we most savor. We celebrate the bounty of the harvest and goodwill that is found in the Texas Hill Country Wine community with our friends and families. As a club member, you gain access to all of the benefits of Vina Vita - the Wine Life. 

Our club provides an opportunity to appreciate what brings richness to our lives: family, food, friends, connections and traditions.  

Signature Blends

Joining our Vina Vita wine club gives you privledged access to our Signature Blend and limited release wines.  Each scheduled shipment coincides with the release of a Signature Blend wine and your allocation will be the focus of the wines presented.  This is your opportunity to ensure you receive your desired allocation of Alluvé, Barranca, KanKar and Calcaria.


With Vina Vita, you control your Wine Life!  We put you in control – you decide which wines you want included in each shipment!  Every Vina Vita shipment is designed to give you early access to our Signature Blend wines, but your shipment is fully customizable: you make selections on-line through your membership portal.  

You choose the exact wines you want!

Levels and Shipments

Levels:  You have three membership levels to select the best option to fit your Wine Life.  Choose 3, 6 or 12 bottles for each shipment:

Vina Vita Subscription Options

Bottles per Shipment Discount Shipping
3 10% $15
6 15% $10
12 20% $5

Your discount is available for all of your purchases – at the winery, online or scheduled shipment.  No shipping charges are assessed on orders picked up at the winery; however, if shipments are not picked up, Kuhlman Cellars can ship the wine to you at your cost.  Wine is only shipped pending appropriate weather conditions.


Shipments:  Kuhlman Cellars currently provides four* shipments each year.  Each shipment coincides with the release of one of our Signature Blend wines.  Your membership ensures your privledged allocation of these wines.


Planned Vina Vita Shipments

Shipment Time

*Note: planned shipments subject to change

As part of your exclusive membership benefit, you also have privledged access to allocation wines and limited release / library wines.  You will be notified when these become available on an optional, opt-in basis.


Enjoy 12 bottles of your choice for each shipment!

Enjoy 6 bottles of your choice for each shipment!

Enjoy 3 bottles of your choice for each shipment!


Exclusive Vina Vita Benefits

Kuhlman Cellars does not compromise quality and we don’t cut corners in our efforts to produce the very best wines. Through your membership in Vina Vita, you receive priority access to exclusive events, guaranteed access to our Signature Blends and allocation access to our limited release wines.  *Please note that to activate your membership benefits, you must make a purchase equivalent to one allocation (3, 6, or 12 bottles)*

  • Vina Vita members celebrate the Wine Life through special access events, including:
    • Barrel tastings
    • Winemaker dinners
    • Wine education events
    • Vina Vita only wine release parties
    • Complimentary Tastings for member and 3 guests
    • Vineyard events including discussions on pruning, canopy and harvest 
    • Discounts on all Kuhlman Cellars purchases based upon subscription level
    • 4 shipments a year
  • Access to Kuhlman Cellars wine, including:
    • Early reservation access to annual flagship Signature Blend wines, which will vary in production from year-to-year given the challenging weather found in Texas
    • Allocation access to limited release wines
    • Priority access to release wines
    • Advanced notice of library wine releases, when available