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3 Large Almond BAG Bundle Set
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SKU: LargeAlmondBundle

This is our best almond offer!

Enjoy three XL bags of our famous Herbed Almonds delivered to your doorstep with included shipping!  Each XL bag includes 13 ounces of almonds, so this special offer includes nearly 2.5 pounds of almonds to enjoy or share with friends!

Due to Covid, we have been unable to find XL glass mason jars capable of holding a pint and a half of liquid, or 13 ounces of our almonds, by weight.  For the time being, we are packaging our delicious almonds in sleek, white food-safe, resealable bags.

Order today and enjoy our almonds with your favorite wine!

Get all 3 Xtra Large Bags delivered to your door for only $87, shipping included!

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