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Kuhlman Cellars

Vina Vita University: Wine Faults
Wine Faults, The good the bad and the ugly.

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Understanding Wine Faults and Imbalances

Join Certified Sommelier Brandi Pratt for an afternoon exploring what can go wrong in wine!  Prep your palate to identify and compartmentalize flaws, faults and imblanances in wine. 


  • Taste common wine faults along side their 'healthy' examples (TCA, Volatile Acidity, Oxidation, etc)
  • Understanding the effects of winemaking decisions such as use of oak, and seeing how much is 'too much' for your palate
  • What causes imbalanced components or Faults
  • How to determine when a wine is faulted and the protocol to return products in the restaurant and retail environment
  • Expand your technical Vocabulary to sound like a pro!

When: Sunday, May 17th, 11-1pm

Where: Kuhlman Cellars

Tickets: $50 per guest/ $40 for Club Members

For questions and ticket information please contact us at or 737-231-8008

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