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Fireworks and Face Masks

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with a White, Rosé and Red special!


This Independence Day will be a hot one so cool off with our 2018 Calcaria and our 2019 Hensell while prepping the grill. Once your feast is ready to eat, our 2017 Barranca makes an excellent pairing with all of your July 4th favorites! (And it makes a great BBQ sauce, as well, if you can stand to spare it.)


Wines Included:

Plus:  Tall Herbed Marcona Almonds!



*** No More Bandannas! ***

BONUS:  The first 25 to order this bundle receive a custom Kuhlman Cellars Bandana!  Our Kuhlman Cellars bandana might not keep you cool in this summer heat but it sure makes you look cool.  (Or should that be "kuhl"?)  It also makes an easy and comfortable face mask!'.  Sorry, No More Bandannas Available


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