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Kuhlman Cellars

Vina Vita University: Palate Mapping
Understanding How Your Sense of Taste Works

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Join Certified Sommelier, Brandi Pratt, and Certified Specialist of Wine, Victoria Gimino, for an afternoon exploring your sense of taste!  Taste is the foundation of how we perceive our food and wine. This class brings understanding of how taste works and how we can use that sense to tailor our food and wine preferences.  


Topics of discussion include:

  • Understand how your sense of taste works

  • Become a better wine taster

  • Learn to identify what you taste

  • Discover your own biology and how it affects the way you taste

  • Understand why you do or do not like a particular wine

  • Find out if you are a supertaster!


When: Sunday, June 30nd, 11-1pm

Where: The Kuhlman Cellars Winegarden

Tickets: $50 per guest/ $40 for Club Members

For questions and ticket information please contact us at or 737-231-8008