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Kuhlman Cellars

Vina Vita University: Aromas
Decoding the Aroma of Wine

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Join Certified Sommelier, Brandi Pratt, for an afternoon exploring your sense of smell! 


This second installment of our wine appreciation series helps us make sense of how we taste using our sense of smell.  Everything we smell in our glass of wine has a meaning, a reason.  Identifying these reasons starts to give us more of an understanding of our wines. This class brings understanding of how smell works and how we can use that sense to tailor our food and wine preferences.  


Topics include:

  • Explore how our sense of smell defines how we enjoy and understand wine

  • Develop your own smell and flavor memories

  • Learn tools to understand how your personal history and memories influence the wines you drink

  • Smell commonly found wine flavors and understand what they mean, including common fruit, vegetables, spices, wood, and herbs 

  • Taste the 2018 Viognier, 2018 Hensell, 2017 Newsom Vineyards Sangiovese, 2016 Reserve Merlot and 2016 KanKar

  • Participate in a Blind Tasting "competition" for fun!


When: Sunday, February 16th, 11-1pm

Where: The Kuhlman Cellars' Cellar

Tickets: $50 per guest/ $40 for Club Members

For questions and ticket information please contact us at or 737-231-8008