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Kuhlman Cellars

Kuhlman's Proprietary Blends


Calcaria (cal-CAR-ee-uh):  Our signature white blend uses the French word (and Latin root),calcare, for Limestone. The calcium rich limestone rock is prevelant in the central Hill Country and on the Kuhlman Estate property.



Hensell (HEN-suhl): The Rosé wine is named after the Hensell sands, a geological formation. Our Fredericksburg property, the Cobb Family Vineyard, sits atop the Hensell sands.



Alluvé (ah-LOOV-ay): Of Kuhlman's three signature red wines, the Alluve is considered to be the 'everyday' red. The word Alluvé pays homage to alluvial soils, which are sedimentary deposits from moving water through mountains, rivers, streams, deltas, etc. The Pedernales River valley contains a fair amount of alluvial soils, including the estate as well as the family farm.


Barranca (bar-ON-kuh):  The Spanish word Barranca loosely translates to cliff, palisade or escarpment, which in our case pays homage to the cap rock of west Texas. 



Kankar (CON-car): Our flagship signature red wine is steadfast and full bodied, capable of aging and enduring over the years. Kankar is a Hindi word which refers to a soil type so rocky that anything that springs forth is a gift from God.  In Texas, this meaning represents caliche, a limestone deposit found throughout the state.